PT. Harkat Nusantara Investama has conducted various researches and succeeded in developing community-based technology, so that it is very applicable and makes it easier for coconut farmers who incidentally mostly live in the interior so that they are able to carry out the coconut processing production process using simple tools and equipment.

Dicky Rinaldo Founder & CEO of PT. Harkat Nusantara Investama

    In the beginning, our company was engaged in manufacturing where we processed coconut derivative products, namely coconut shells into coconut shell charcoal. And after that our company expanded and expanded into coconut plantations, to process more derivative products.

    We process more than  6.2 million hectares of coconut plantations, spread across several islands in Eastern Indonesia.


    Welcome to Harkat Nusantara

    Delivering Indonesia's Coconut to the World

    Increasing the value of coconut and improving strategic distribution and consumption of coconut-based products.


    PT. Harkat Nusantara Investama has generations of experience in developing coconut based products. Creating a sustainable synergy that integrates business with the environment, we value social stability within our communities. Embolden with the spirit of innovation, we dedicate research into the creation of products that are essential to our partners and consumers.

    In order to compete in business today, we believe factory must strive to access high-quality raw materials and highly skilled talent whilst maintaining the nimbleness to instantly adapt to fluctuating markets.

    Looking forward to doing business with you.​

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